My personal commitment to renewable energy Print

I started out in the renewable energy business over 22 years ago and I have been passionate about it ever since.

This passion for using renewable energy, as well as the importance of considering our natural environment motivated me to move away from conventional electricity sources and I have committed myself to transforming my own house into a home that uses 100% renewable energy.

By setting up a hybrid renewable energy system, I can now say that my home runs effectively without using any conventional electricity. The use of a wind turbine as well as an array of photo voltaic panels to generate electricity, my house not only manages to run without using conventional electricity, but also manages to distribute electricity back to the grid.

Imagine living in a world where you do not have to use and pay for conventional electricity.

Imagine living in a world where your children’s children and their children will be able to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Now stop imagining and move toward renewable energy.

I did it, and so can you!