ESKOM Solar Rebate Print

The ESKOM Solar Rebate Programme is an initiative that is driven by the South African government. The South African government has set itself a target for renewable energy to contribute 10 000 gigawatt hours by the year 2013. Eskom, realizing that solar water heating is the most effective means of renewable energy sources, is participating in this initiative by means of a solar water heating rebate programme.

The rebate amounts granted by Eskom are subject to the performance and durability of the different systems available on the market. To make sure that high standards are maintained, all systems that partake in this initiative has to pass SABS tests to determine that it is safe, mechanically sound and how effective each system is. Analyzing the test results enables ESKOM to determine a suitable rebate amount for each participating system. It is safe to say that the better the solar water heater, the higher the rebate amount will be.

In the tests conducted by the SABS, our systems has outperformed the other systems and subsequently received the highest rebate amounts for our solar heating systems.

Rebates will be paid out directly to the consumer and according to ESKOM these rebates will be paid out within 8 weeks from date of receipt of claim.

Please note: The rebate is only applicable to our South African clients.