Beaufort-West water drive. Print

Donate waterAs most of you know, Beaufort-West is experiencing it's worst draught in a 100 years and the dam supplying the town with clean drinking water is completly empty. People passing through the draught stricken town are urged to donate drinking water to the municipality.

With this in mind and upholding our social responsibilty, Sunhot Solar has decided to have a water drive to Beaufort-West. Sunhot Solar is going to send 5 vehicles, transporting containers filled with drinking water to Beaufort-West.

So, if you are on the road and passing through Beaufort-West, please considder donating a bottle of drinking water and dropping it off at the various drop-off points available in Beaufort-West.

The Sunhot Team

Unloading is hard workMission accomplished