Delphi Freedom Range Print

Stay charged when not in use

Plate materials are considerably less susceptible to to self-discharge than conventional battery plans which contain antimony. freedom batteries hold an acceptable state-of-charge for approximately a year. Unique built in hydrometer provides an instant indication of battery's charge condition.


More efficient power source

Freedom batteries offer more durability energy efficiency and cycle resistance than conventional battery design. There's high output per kilogram of active material. And low resistance separators and connectors means less internal power loss. You also get high-impact strength case and cover, plus special plate formulation for extra density and added cycle life.


Highly resistant to damage from overcharge, heat and vibration.

The Freedom battery's wrought lead-calcium grid is stronger and more uniform than cast grids, and resists acid corrosion.Centre lug location and internal ribbing increase vibration protection. Plates are encapsulated in separator envelopes instead of using separator sheets, to greatly reduce the possibility of internal shorting and to make the battery less susceptible to to failure from road shock and vibration..



"Spin formed", cold-forged terminals for high torque strength. Double-sealed for leak protection. Terminal types: Standard tapered posts with either right-hand or left-hand positive: special lug terminals.