Tenesol TE Range Print

Tenesol TETenesol manufactures its own photovoltaic modules.Tenesol's modules use the high-output technology of the multicrystalline cell. Each cell is individually measured and sorted before the encapsulation stage.

The Non-Reflecting Glass used by Tenesol offers a daily production increase of 3% compared to a module of equivalent power using a standard glass. The combination of Tempered Glass / EVA / Tedlar ensures weight minimisation, guaranties a perfect watertightness as well as durable protection of the cells. The aluminium frame allows an effortless handling and an easy and fast assembly. Each module is submitted to an individual quality control and is referenced by an assessment sheet of its performance tests.


  • TE505-45 (45W)
  • TE505-50 (50W)
  • TE505-55 (55W)
  • TE505-60 (60W)
  • TE755-65 (65W)
  • TE755-70 (70W)
  • TE755-75 (75W)
  • TE755-80 (80W)
  • TE1300-115 (115W)
  • TE1300-120 (120W)
  • TE1300-125 (125W)
  • TE1300-130 (130W)
  • TE1300-135 (135W)
  • TE1300-140 (140W)
  • TE1700-140 (140W)
  • TE1700-150 (150W)
  • TE1700-160 (160W)
  • TE1700-170 (170W)
  • TE1700-180 (180W)
  • TE2000-180 (180W)
  • TE2000-190 (190W)
  • TE2000-200 (200W)
  • TE2000-210 (210W)

Applications :

  • Telecommunication
  • Professional Applications
  • Pumping
  • Beaconing
  • Rural Electrification
  • Grid connected systems