Kestrel e150 Print



The heart of the machine comprises of a single axial flux permanent magnet brushless alternator which is powered by the six aerofoil blades. The six blade design is a selfregulating aerodynamic rotor which allows the e150 to generate usable energy in any wind speed. Speed control is achieved through blade turbulence that controls the speed of the rotor with no moving parts. This allows the e150 to be one of the quietest small wind turbines on the market. Being only 1,5m in diameter and unobtrusive, it is suitable for urban areas as it harvests energy by harnessing the clean, abundant and renewable resource of wind.



  • Cost saving mechanism, replacing noisy generators for back-up power that rely on fossil fuels
  • Battery charging for use in remote areas or specific electrical needs
  • Boost other renewable energy installations with hybrid generation, making the installations more productive, reliable and cost effective
  • Grid tie applications using approved inverters to reduce energy costs
  • Small wind farm installations
  • Adaptable to meeting all other specific electrical needs