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The e220 design minimises start-up torque, which means energy is generated in low wind speeds. The passive pitch control system and power output at low wind speeds increases the energy harvest on an annualised basis, increasing returns to the owner. The standard finish of an etching marine primer, an intermediate protective coat and a polyurethane two pack finishing coat ensures protection from the elements. With a diameter of 2.2m the e220 is discreet in all installations and is suitable for urban environments.



  • Replaces noisy generators for back-up power, which pollute due to the reliance on fossil fuels
  • Boost solar & other renewable energy installations increasing productivity, reliability & cost effectiveness
  • Water pumping systems with optional water pump controller to reduce utility costs
  • Grid tie applications using approved inverters to reduce energy costs
  • Power for energy requirements where there is no connection to the national grid
  • Generate dedicated power for signage eliminating high operating costs
  • Adaptable to meeting many specific electrical needs
Solardome SA
Our systems are SABS approved
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Proudly manufactured in Stellenbosch, South Africa
ABSA financing available.
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