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A renewable energy system designed by Marlec gives you peace of mind.  While you enjoy the pleasure of sailing, a Rutland 913 installed on board gives you greater assurance of all the energy you need, taking care of the lighting and safety essentials on board at minimum.  For long distance cruising why not add add solar panels from our range and simply using one of our combined wind/solar regulators you will take advantage of the abundant and natural energy around you whatever the weather, day and night.


The Rutland 913 is a common sight in marinas as thousands are in use worldwide.  Boat owners like its clean, aerodynamic lines and its quiet and continuous operation.  It is a reliable and efficient product with a proven track record from a company that has been developing and manufacturing wind turbines since 1978.


Marlec are corporate members of the World Cruising Club, organisers of the ARC rallies, Rally Portugal and Classic Malts Cruise.  Participants in the ARC Gear Survey, published in Yachting World July 2008, ranked the Rutland 913 as the No.1 wind generator out of 5 different models used.



  • Every turbine is finely balanced
    Smooth rotation is ensured. Quiet in operation
  • Our own unique and purpose designed Rutland low friction flywheel type generator
    This keeps the turbine spinning when other wind generators stall
    Overall this delivers more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average windspeeds
  • Low wind speed start up of just 5 knots
  • So even in the lightest winds a trickle charge can be seen at the battery. Produces 90 Watts @ 19 knots and 24 Watts @ 10 knots
  • Efficient aerofoil profile blades with a unique "one way only fit" feature
    Unique in the industry, our user friendly feature ensures you automatically fit the aerofoil blades in the correct orientation and design pitch for optimum performance.
    The blade root design has been tested to withstand forces in excess of the blades spinning at over 20 times the rpm seen at 19knots. The blades are solidly secured in their sockets and will not eject
  • In 2008 we introduced a new streamlined nacelle (body) design
    Latest and improved materials have greater UV stability
    Innovation is our watchword so we can continuously deliver best efficiencies and quality in our products
  • Brushless alternator and fixed shaft
    Our unique design features a fixed rather than rotating shaft which negates the need for brushgear. It is a simple and maintenance-free design
    • The alternator windings and magnets are encapsulated in glass fibre for improved protection against stator winding failure
  • Automatic thermostat
    Protects the generator from overheating in prolonged gales
  • 360 degree free rotation on the mounting pole
    The "Post Adaptor" that secures the turbine to the pole carries the slipring and brushgear enabling the turbine to rotate 360degrees freely to find the wind without wires twisting inside the mounting pole.
    This post adaptor is distinctively blue anodised enabling the user to select either an aluminium or stainless steel pole without corrosion concerns
  • Durable construction and modern materials
    Marlec uses modern, durable materials giving our customers products with many years of trouble free service even under the harsh conditions of a marine environment
  • Available in 12V or 24V as standard
  • Complies with EEC Directive BS EN 89/336/EEC
    No radiated interference
  • Marlec operates under the international standard of ISO 9001
    We are the first small wind turbine manufacturer worldwide to achieve this !

In most cases around the world this product will generate enough power to serve both on board domestic and engine batteries, and users can at minimum expect to reduce engine running time for battery charging.


Without doubt the Rutland 913 marine model produces more power than any other comparable wind generator available !

Solardome SA
Our systems are SABS approved
View our BBBEE certificate
Proudly manufactured in Stellenbosch, South Africa
ABSA financing available.
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