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The FM1803-2 Furlmatic can be used "stand-alone" or in conjunction with solar panels and/or a diesel generator to create your own complete power system.  You can use the power at low voltage, 12V or 24V, or connect an inverter to the battery bank to deliver 230V grid type power enabling you to run many typical household appliances.   The possibilities are endless, even if you have grid power an FM1803-2 can reduce your dependence on the grid and unlike grid-connect wind turbines this system ensures that if there's a power cut you will still have independent  power for some essentials.


Marlec has a policy and culture of continuous improvement and so the current model is the 3rd generation of our 1.8m diameter turbine since it's launch in 1988.  Improvements adopted over the lifetime have been:

  • power production at 10m/s (22mph) increase from 250W to 340W, that's nearly a 40% power increase
  • Shape and styling have developed at each generation, the latest 3 bladed design is super smooth
  • Aerofoil blades have adapted and improved as new lightweight materials and processes have become available
  • The improved electronic controller has increased the power efficiences extracted from the turbine

All our products are built and tested to the highest standards and our committment to this was demonstrated when we became the first small wind turbine manufacturer in the world to achieve ISO 9001 status over 10 years ago.



  • AC Power Transmission Feature
    High power 3 phase AC (alternating current) is transmitted from the wind turbine to the controller and battery bank
    This allows the wind turbine to be located at an optimal site or position to capture the wind whilst not compromising on  power transmission losses over long distances
    This further minimises the cost of transmission cables which would be more costly if DC power were transmitted over a great distance
  • Our own unique and purpose designed Rutland low friction, flywheel type generator is incorporated into the FM1803-2 design
    This keeps the turbine spinning when other wind generators stall between gusts of wind
    Overall this delivers more Ampere hours of power per day especially in low to average windspeeds
    The alternator’s windings and magnets are encapsulated in glass fibre so are sealed from the elements and the harshest weather conditions
  • Charges at wind speeds as low as 3m/s (6-7mph) - just a gentle breeze
    This means more time is spent generating power giving you a faster return on your investment
  • Generates 36 Watts @ 5m/s (11mph) 414 Watts @ 11m/s and up to 750 Watts peak
  • Automatic "furling" tail system
    Activates at 15m/s (33 mph/53 kph) to automatically slow and protect the turbine in high winds
    Moves the turbine 90 degrees laterally to the prevailing wind, allowing the turbine to slow down, while continuing to produce power
    Reduces stress on the wind generator and tower in high winds
  • Electronic MPC1 Controller is included with the turbine.
    It's key features and functions are:
  • It optimises turbine power output by matching power ratios with windspeed
  • It converts the turbine's AC power to DC, so you can locate the turbine where windflow is best – yet use the power a distance away
  • MPC1 Controller provides overcharge protection which shuts down the turbine when the batteries are full saving on unnecessary wear
  • It has a digital display of battery volts, power output and modes of operation
  • and is available in 12 volt or 24 volt versions

  • 1.8m diameter turbine of 3 glass re-inforced aerofoil blades
    Finely balanced, aerodynamic aerofoil blades are injection moulded.  This makes them lightweight, durable and very smooth running.
    Our 3 blade design turbine is very quiet in operation, you will hear only a soft swishing sound when it's windy.
    Our turbine blades are very efficient at converting the wind into power you can use.
  • Designed to mount on an 81mm internal diameter tube. Outside diameter 91mm for top 20cm section which may then increase to a suitable larger diameter depending on the tower height and design.
  • Built in slip ring and low-wear brushes
    Gives the unit complete 360º free rotation on the mounting pole whilst avoiding twisted cables
    Brushless alternator requires no maintenance
    Sealed-for-life bearings for a long service life
  • No radiated interference - complies fully with EEC Directive BS EN 89/336/EEC

It's a convenient, reliable and cost effective solution to your off grid power needs and with our proven track record in a variety of applications from the cold harsh environment of Antarctica to the Sahara Desert you can be sure the FM1803-2 is built to withstand gale force winds !    Join tens of thousands of satisfied Marlec product users worldwide!