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Mandela Day 2011 Mandela Day 2011 Sunhot Solar teamed up with the Emergency Medical Services of Worcester on Mandela day to give back to community. Read more
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ESKOM Solar Rebate Buy a Solar Heating System and get money back. Sunhot Solar is an accredited supplier on the Eskom solar rebate programme which entitles our customers to claim a rebate from ESKOM.... Read more
Football for hope Football for hope We are Proud to heat Khayelitsha Football For Hope's water FREE FROM THE SUN !! Read more
Hybrid Living Hybrid Living We have just finished the final stage of our generation plan and are proud to announce that we are now generating our own electricity by means of wind and solar energy. Read more
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Solar Water Heating
The Solarplate© SP1.5Valu PDF Print E-mail

SP1.5ValuAlthough the Solarplate 1.45Valu is different from the SPX and SBS ranges of collectors in composition and price, it is still manufactured with the same passion and to the high standards our clients have become accustomed to.

The Solarplate SP1.5Valu's absorber fins are made from aluminium instead of copper and is not ultrasonically welded, but mechanically joined to the risers.

The method used to mechanically join the absorber fins to the risers allows for efficient transfer of heat from the absorberplate to the circulating fluid.We also replaced the extruded aluminum frame with an durable aluminium casing.

The result is an inexspensive solar collector panel that is both efficient and built to last, ensuring its owner years of free hot water.

Sizes available:

SP1.5VALU : 1.45m² aperture area, Vertical

The Solarplate© SBS range PDF Print E-mail

The SPX BlackSelectThe SPX SBS range of solar collectors are the first of its kind to be produced in Africa. These collectors are ultrasonically welded and insulated to maximise heat transfer to the circulation fluid. SPX Blackselect© collector panels are well designed and aesthetically pleasing whilst not compromising on durabillity and efficiency.

Sizes available:

  • SBS 2.3V : 2.3m² aperture area, Vertical
  • SBS 2.6V : 2.6m² aperture area , Vertical
  • SBS 2.9V : 2.9m² aperture area , Vertica
The Solarplate© SPX range PDF Print E-mail

The Solarplate SPXThe Solarplate SPX range of solar collectors are the first of its kind to be produced in South Africa.
These collectors are ultrasonically welded and insulated to maximise heat transfer to the circulation fluid.

Sizes available:

  • SPX1.3V : 1.3m² aperture area, Vetical
  • SPX2.3V : 2.3m² aperture area, Vertical
  • SPX2.6 : 2.6m² aperture area
  • SPX3V : 3m² apeture area, Vertical
The Sunstor© Geyser PDF Print E-mail

The Sunstor solar cylinderThe Sunstor range of solar water cylinders are unique in the solar water heating market due the fact that it's inner cylinder is made from copper that has been strenghtened by means of an exterior laminate epoxy/glass layer.

The Sunstor range is available in the following capacities:

  • 100l : available as direct and indirect
  • 150l : available as direct and indirect
  • 200l : available as direct, indirect and vertical direct
  • 300l : available as direct and indirect
  • 500l : available as direct
The Steca TR0704 PDF Print E-mail

The Steca TR0704The Steca TR 0704 system controller is a universal controller for solar energy and heating systems. In addition to a selection of pre-programmed basic systems, freely programmable individual system configurations can also be realised.

The standard Steca TR 0704 has three calorimeters and one hours-of-operation logger for each of the four controller outputs.


The Steca TR0603 MC PDF Print E-mail

The Steca TR0603 MCThe Steca TR 0603mc solar thermal controller unites the features of the already successful Steca TR 0502 and TR 0603 temperature differencecontrollers.

As a particular highlight, the Steca TR 0603mc stores the system'soperational data on a SD card.The 40 pre-programmed systems andnumerous additional functions allow universal use of the controller.

The Steca TR0603 PDF Print E-mail
The Steca TR0603The animated graphic display and elegant design of the Steca TR 0603 controller make it particularly appealing, allowing it to continue the success enjoyed by this family of controllers.

This controller provides everything to operate your solar thermal system safely over a long service life. The Steca TR 0603 controller monitors and controls solar thermal systems with two differently oriented collector arrays and a maximum of two domestic hot water or buffer storage tanks.

The Steca TR0301 PDF Print E-mail

The Steca 0301The Steca TR 0301 was the first controller on the market to be equipped with a graphic display, on which an animated solar circuit of a solar energy system fully indicates the operating status of the system.

The SC version includes speed control of the solar circuit pump.

The Wilo Star RS15/6 PDF Print E-mail

The Wilo Star RS15/6Glandless circulation pump with screwed connection. RSL version with rapid ventilation connection. Pre-selectable speed stages to adjust the capacity

Hot-water heating systems of all kinds, industrial circulation systems, cold-water systems and air-conditioning systems

The Ivan Labs El-Sid PDF Print E-mail

The EL-Sid pumpSID stands for static-impeller driven, which means the pump contains an electronic driver or motor that has no moving parts but simply spins on a magnetic field.

The magnetic field grasps the impeller and visibly spins it without any moving parts or seals. As a result, it's extremely long-lived without much power consumption. These pumps are completely brass and stainless steel, so they don't corrode.

The Laing D5 solar PDF Print E-mail

The Laing D5 solar pump25 Lpm, photovoltaic circulation pump

The first DC spherical motor pump for direct connection to photovoltaic panels with automatic performance optimization using MPP technology (Maximum Power Point tracking).

SP1.5Valu Lp System PDF Print E-mail

1.45m² collector with 100L, 100kPa cylinder.

The Sunhot 1.5Valu LP close coupled system is a low pressure (100kPa max) roof mounted, solar hot water system which can be easily installed on tile, steel clad or flat roofs. There are no complicated pumps or controllers to worry about as the circulation of the hot water is automatically achieved using the natural thermosiphon principle.

To conserve the solar energy collected, the corrosion resistant, copper inner cylinder is insulated and encapsulated in a durable weatherproof aluminium casing. The system is optionally backed up by a thermostatically controlled electrical element.

Also available as a freeze resistant unit.


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