The Solarplate© SPX range Print


  • The absorber plate consists of copper fins that are ultrasonically welded to the copper risers, ensuring efficient heat transfer into the circulation fluid.
  • Due to the nature of the copper absorber material, it naturally protects the absorber surface against corrosion from condensation and will stay uniform in appearance for long.
  • The outer casing is manufactured with an extruded anodized aluminium profiled frame , toughened 4mm glazing and a hot dipped galvanized backing sheet , ensuring a attractive durable finish that will last with time.
  • All water containing parts are made from copper, ensuring a healthy and corrosion resistant collector panel that inherently prevents bacterial growth.
  • The insulation applied is a combination of 3 layers :
    Layer 1= thermal radiation barrier
    Layer 2 = High temperature barrier
    Layer 3 = Mid to high range temperature barrier
  • The collector backing material is galvanized sheet metal that will last no matter what installation type is called for.
  • Locally produced and proudly South African.
  • 10 years carry-in warranty *see terms and conditions