SP1.5Valu Lp System Print

1.45m² collector with 100L, 100kPa cylinder.

The Sunhot 1.5Valu LP close coupled system is a low pressure (100kPa max) roof mounted, solar hot water system which can be easily installed on tile, steel clad or flat roofs. There are no complicated pumps or controllers to worry about as the circulation of the hot water is automatically achieved using the natural thermosiphon principle.

To conserve the solar energy collected, the corrosion resistant, copper inner cylinder is insulated and encapsulated in a durable weatherproof aluminium casing. The system is optionally backed up by a thermostatically controlled electrical element.

Also available as a freeze resistant unit.


  •  The absorber plate consist of corrosion resistant, marine grade aluminium that is blackened with a special formulated etch coating. The absorber plate is then mechanically fastened to the copper risers to ensure efficient transfer of heat into the circulation fluid.
  • The Aluminium casing and copper inner cylinder in conjuction with proper insulation ensures a solar geyser that's not only efficient and corrosion resistant, but also has a long life expectancy.

  • The collector panel is constructed out of marine grade aluminium and covered with a 3.2mm toughned, tempered low iron glazing to ensure a working panel that will work and look great for years to come.

  • All water containing parts in both the collector panel and the geyser are made from copper, ensuring a healthy and corrosion resistant solar heating system that inherently prevents bacterial growth.

  • 100% locally manufactured product with locally sourced materials.