The Solarplate© SBS range Print

The SPX BlackSelectThe SPX SBS range of solar collectors are the first of its kind to be produced in Africa. These collectors are ultrasonically welded and insulated to maximise heat transfer to the circulation fluid. SPX Blackselect© collector panels are well designed and aesthetically pleasing whilst not compromising on durabillity and efficiency.

Sizes available:

  • SBS 2.3V : 2.3m² aperture area, Vertical
  • SBS 2.6V : 2.6m² aperture area , Vertical
  • SBS 2.9V : 2.9m² aperture area , Vertica


  • Thee absorberplate consist of copper fins that are coated with a highly efficient black selective coating called BlackSelect®.
  • Selective coated copper fins are ultrasonically welded to the copper risers, ensuring maximum heat transfer.
  • The outer profile is manufactured with an extruded anodized alluminium frame. Tempered, toughened glazing and alluminium backing sheet will ensure for a durable finish that is corrosion resistant.
  • All water containing parts are made from copper, ensuring a healthy and corrosion resistant collector panel that inherently prevens bacterial growth.
  • Attractive collector design that can be colour-coded to suit your needs.
  • 10 years carry-in warranty *see terms and conditions

BlackSelect© Selective Coating:

The BlackSelect electro-deposited coating shows not only superb optical performance but is also one of the most efficient metal protection systems with the highest thermal stability and the best corrosion and fade resistance. Tests have shown that BlackSelect has the longest life expectancy under severe conditions. In fact, BlackSelect coated fins have outlasted all other components of the solar absorbers in which they were incorporated.